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Hunbul Tex Pvt Ltd

Hunbul Tex Pvt Ltd, a pioneering force in the textile industry, embarked on its journey in the 90s with a modest inception focusing on textile trading services. Over the years, the company has evolved into a renowned and latest textile sector, embracing cutting-edge technology and diversifying its operations to become a leader in textile manufacturing and printing.

At the core of Hunbul Tex Pvt Ltd‘s success lies its state-of-the-art facilities. The company boasts a fleet of advanced EMBROIDERY and DIGITAL PRINTING machines, showcasing a commitment to innovation and efficiency. The incorporation of the latest BOLT PRINTING TECHNOLOGY, further reinforces Hunbul Tex Pvt Ltd‘s position as an industry trailblazer. Moreover, within our  HOISERY APPAREL export unit, the company has demonstrated excellence in apparel production.

With a focus on regular and digital printing services, Hunbul Tex Pvt Ltd has emerged as one of the largest and most trusted printing service providers of the national and international textile sector. The company owns the latest machinery, ensuring not only the quality and precision of the prints but also enabling a swift and efficient production process.

The commitment to excellence has propelled Hunbul Tex Pvt Ltd onto the global stage. The company’s products are sought after by international clientele, establishing its presence in the global textile market. “At Hunbul Tex Pvt Ltd, our commitment to excellence extends beyond borders. We have cultivated trust on the international stage by delivering exceptional services aligned with rigorous international Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Our exported products, proudly certified by OEKO-TEX, exemplify our dedication to not only meet but surpass global standards, ensuring a sustainable and quality-driven approach that resonates with our discerning international clientele.”

Hunbul Tex Pvt Ltd stands as a prominent wholesale clothing manufacturer in Pakistan and globally, collaborating with renowned fashion brands. Boasting a rich 30-year history in the textile industry, the company has earned a stellar reputation.

With a workforce of approximately 2000 skilled individuals, Hunbul Tex Pvt Ltd operates a multifaceted setup. The company comprises one garment unit, two digital printing facilities, two embroidery sections, and an apparel showroom. The state-of-the-art infrastructure includes 30 digital printing production lines, incorporating the latest printing technology on a single bolt. This cutting-edge approach ensures the company’s commitment to excellence in textile production.

As a result, Hunbul Tex Pvt Ltd contributes significantly to the positive portrayal of Pakistan’s textile industry on the world stage. Our core strength is our highly motivated, trained, and qualified team; committed to achieving the quality and production goals. Integrity, commitment, and quality are deeply rooted in our corporate culture, values, and beliefs. Our team has proved to be challenged for any task related to our business.

Hunbul Tex Pvt Ltd is a socially responsible company complying with all labor laws of Pakistan and ILO standards. We are backed with world-renowned certifications including ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management Systems ISO 45001:2018 based on health and safety management systems and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems.


The most challenging aspect of fashion world is its dynamic nature and ever changing trends. It’s not something where you build up once and profit continues. This field requires us to work tirelessly with full zeal and zest in order to bring incontinuous innovation and creativity. This philosophy of innovation flows down in Team HunbulTex from top management to the grass root level.

To survive and excel in such a fast paced industry becomes even more challenging in the presence of vigorous competition. We take this challenge positively by placing high emphasis on building up long-term relationship with all stake holders, both internal and external. Having strong relationships with some of the industry’s best quality suppliers enable us to deliver consistent quality as well as cost efficiencies.

Our prime objective is to achieve customer satisfactionand this attitude is towards all clients irrespective of the business volumes involved. Once you bring your requirements to us, it is then our responsibility to materialize customer aspirations into final product. As a result we enjoy an ever growing delighted clientele.

My rationale is “There is no less demand of work till you are fulfilling client dreams”.

We strive to exceed customer expectations by ensuring highest level of services, quality, in time delivery and cost efficiencies through philosophy of continuous improvement and creativity.

Our Mission

We strive to exceed customer expectations by ensuring highest level of services, quality, in time delivery and cost efficiencies through philosophy of continuous improvement and creativity.

Our Vision

Our aim is to take lead in global textile industry as the ultimate one-stop solution provider while playing the positive role in region’s economic and social forefront.

Our Certifications

HunbulTex complies with all labor laws of Pakistan and ILO standards. Our certifications include ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems, OHSAS American Global Standards 18001, AIAO-Bar Accredited, and SMIS American International Accreditation organization.