We at HunbulTex is all-in-one apparel clothing Manufacturers that constantly deliver products to all our prestigious customers in high quality. Hence, our products are manufactured with export quality. As one of the best apparel manufacturers in Pakistan; we offer top-quality apparels for men’s and women’s in bulk quantity. The products are manufactured with high-tech and latest grade. Per the customer’s specifications, we customized apparel by size, color, and packaging. Our attention to the product is unrivalled. Hence, we hold ourselves to the greatest standards and deliver stuff that customer desire for! Our origin is rooted in the art of excellence; as a clothing manufacturing company, we know that reveling keen attention to each product detail is pivotal and we analyze apparel from every perspective before shipping. Explore our large variety of apparel and pick a suitable style:

Our high-quality knitted garments go through various phases before they are finalized. Hunbul Tex(Pvt.)Ltd. is the top garments manufacturers in Pakistan; we have five manufacturing units fully equipped with high-tech and state-of-the-art machinery to produce exquisite design apparel. Our apparel and textile company has super fantastic assortment of knitted garments includes a variety of fabrics and finishes, brushing, peaching, and silicon wash are also included in it. Take a look at our meticulous R&D process, which is divided into five distinct stages:



  • Believing in the fact there is no substitute for quality, RHL has been vigorously trying to put in all its effort to improve the quality of its products at every stage of the entire process.

  • To achieve the consistent quality we have an international standard quality control laboratory, with a team of dedicated quality control professionals.

  • Our products are checked for quality from the raw stage to the finished stage, including the packaging so that at no stage is there any inconsistency.


Hunbul Tex(Pvt.)Ltd. is serving textile products from the past many years.

  • Hunbul Tex(Pvt.)Ltd. growth is based on customer satisfaction. We provide consistent quality products at a predetermined time.

  • We always achieve customer’s trust and satisfaction because the products of Hunbul Tex(Pvt.)Ltd. are manufactured with international standard quality.

  • Our greatest asset is our commitment to excellence. We use a rigorous quality control system on all of our products to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

Hunbul Tex(Pvt.)Ltd. enthusiastic team strives to improve market productivity and enhance quality day by day!




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