Products & Services

With an experience of almost two decades, HunbulTex stands committed to innovate continuously in the field of textile, producing world class articles which are futuristic and have competitive prices.

We are a vertically integrated company equipped with high tech machinery and latest infrastructure. The operations are further strengthened by a team of highly professional management and technical staff. With a standardized working system in place, we are also in a continuous process of expansion, enhancement and incorporating the latest technological innovations. This is to ensure that our customers are served with the best possible textile solutions under one roof.

The company successfully identifies itself as one of the best sources of fancy fabrics within the region, providing all types of textile services, from Greige Fabric import/export to finished fabric.


In addition to processing services, HunbulTex can also arrange for greige fabrics of right quality on customer demand. We have the strong relation with weavers to manage smooth supply of plain, canvas, twills, drills, satins and dobby textures. Our strong command on formulation enables us to choose best quality greige fabrics for you.


Processing has the most important role in adding physical and aesthetical attributes to the end product. HunbulTex owns one of the most modernfabric processing facilities in Pakistan. With a selected range of leading edge technology and state of the art machinery, it has the combined capacity to produce 240 million meters annually of dyed, finished and printed fabrics.


HunbulTex operates a state of the art in-house design studio for its valued customers. Our team of professional designers draw Imaginative ideas of our customers into reality. Every team member loves designing and is passionate about creativities. We at HunbulTex are capable of create new designs, arrangements, settings modifications of existing designs.


Dyeing production at HunbulTex was started in 2010, top of the line European machinery is capable of producing 3 million meters per month

At HunbulTex we constantly experiment in color creativity resulting in a wide assortment of products to choose from. From soft pastel hues to deepest shades, from soothing brightness to radiant and vibrant tones, we take pride in replicating nature’s most subtle shades in our fabrics.


We have the fastest bolt printing machine

HunbulTextile provide digital printing services to leading brands of pakistan some of our digital printing clients are Sapphire, GulAhmed, Edenrobe, Bonanza, Nishatlinen and many other leading brands.

HunbulTex owns the world’s famous brands of MS and Reggiani. We are offering a combined capacity of 16,000,000 mtrs/month of digitally printed fabric with this setup of 20 digital printing machines and we also have the fastest bolt printing machine (which can produce 90/meters in one minute). Addition of more digital printing machines is an integral part of our current expansion plan.

It would not be an exaggeration to claim that this era belongs to digital printing. Management at HunbulTex believes in this and thus invested in the most sophisticated machinery making the company stand out as one of the most modern and largest suppliers of textile digital printing services in Pakistan.


As an all-rounder textile services company, HunbulTex keeps itself up-to-date with latest technologies in order to offer a complete range of embroidery services, along with others. We have the latest multi-color threads and sequins embroidery on a variety of fabrics.
What makes HunbulTex standout amongst its competitors is that is offers every service, from development to production, with absolute quality control, designing, ethical monitoring, and in-time deliveries.


In Hunbul Textile we also provide Finishing services to our clients.

In textile manufacturing, finishing refers to the processes that convert the fabric into a usable material and more specifically to any process performed after dyeing the yarn or fabric to improve the look, performance, or “hand feel” of the finish textile or clothing.